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Have you noticed that it's not the BEST photographers who are the most successful in business? You need to be great at BUSINESS to have real SUCCESS.

Running your photography business can be exciting and completely overwhelming at the same time. There are so many things to think of from legals to websites and everything else in between. You can quickly find yourself neck-deep with lists of things to do as long as your arm and feeling like you will NEVER catch up. You are missing out on time with your family and friends. Your bank account should be looking a lot healthier for all the time you are putting in.

The truth is that running a successful photography business has 20% to do with photography and 80% to do with mastering pricing, sales, systems and marketing. Janiece has cracked the code. She has the experience and systems photographers need to turn things around quickly and start making the income they deserve.

Running a business can be frustrating at times. When you’re steering the ship solo it can feel like a lonely place to be. It’s hard to know what to focus on next. Together we can define your future and vision, so you have a crystal clear direction and focus, giving you and your business the opportunity to thrive.

About Janiece

Janiece is here for photographers and entrepreneurs just like you who want to transform

their business from survival mode to reaching

their goals and dreams!

There’s no better feeling than having everything under control, having clients who love you and pay you what you are worth, and having

an income that you deserve!

Choose the Best Course for You

#1 Course - Photography Business Success

A great starting point. Analyse where your photography business is now and discover what you need to do to have the photography business of your dreams. An easy, self-paced course designed for photographers who are serious about their business.

You Don't Have to Go it Alone!

Why struggle on your own? Whether 1:1 coaching or taking a self-paced comprehensive course, developing your business skills will get you to where you want to go in a shorter amount of time.

Course - Get Paid What You're Worth

Start by providing a great service, develop a profitable price list, offer amazing products and have a non-salesy sales process so your clients can't say no. Have clients who will love you and turn into raving fans! 


Money Back Guarantee

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 7-day Money Back Guarantee.


Who are these courses for?

Our courses are designed for both early career to experienced photographers who are reasonably confident with their photography skills.

Photographers who want to work smarter, not harder.

Photographers who want to achieve more revenue from their photography business.

This course is not for those who are just starting out and are still learning how to shoot consistently.

How are these courses different?

Courses are designed by an educational professional who is also a professional photographer. You can be assured that the course curriculum is specific to the topic and that outcomes are mapped and met within the course content.

What benefits will I gain?

The fact that you are here means that you are serious about your photography business and its success. With some dedication on your part you will be guided through your course, providing actionable steps to move your business forward.

How can I access the courses?

Once you make a purchase you will be taken directly to the learning modules.

How long have I got to do a course?

Once you purchase a course you will have lifetime access. We will give you a guide as to how long a course should take to complete so you can gain the most benefit. You can go back over any element of the course as often as you like.

What courses are offered?

Courses are designed to answer the most burning questions photography business owners have about how to run their business successfully, what marketing strategies they should adopt, what systems they should put into place, plus many more. Join our mailing list to hear about new courses as they are added.

Who is my trainer?

You won't find anyone more qualified and experienced to learn from. Janiece is a rare combination of professional photographer and trained educator. Her courses are designed specifically for you as a photography business owner and are full of great actionable content, which is well explained and easy to absorb for all learning styles.

Is there a guarantee?

Most digital products elsewhere do not have a guarantee. However, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee so you have time to see the great value of your course. Please read T&C's.

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